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  • Special offer Freedom kiteschool

    Kite lessons+beach hotel+breackfast 399 Euro

  • Why surf-tarifa?

    We are located directly in Tarifa and are always well informed about latest local surf trends. Using our website you can always compare offers from best surfschools and choose what suits you b..

  • Wind in Tarifa

    It is almost always we have wind here in Tarifa. There are two main wind directions here- Levante and Poniente. Levante is usually dry and powerful wind. It starts with very gusty blows...

  • Tarifa Nightlife !!!!!

    La mayor parte de la vida nocturna pasa en la ciudad vieja de Tarifa, y luego continúa hasta el amanecer en el “Polígono”. Allí funcionan 3 clubes nocturnos casi hasta el mediod...


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