ION Club

Tarifa is one of the most famous beaches for Wind & Kitesurfing throughout all Europe. Club Mistral has two centers, located right on the two main beaches of Tarifa.

Valdevaqueros is one of the most famous beaches for Wind & Kitesurfing, not only in Tarifa, but throughout all of Europe. Due to the shape of Valdevaqueros bay, even during Levante winds, which normally blows dead offshore on most of the other beaches in Tarifa, Valdevaqueros is kind of sheltered and safe to ride even if it´s very strong. 

Our Center at Valdevaqueros is equipped with the latest Fanatic Windsurfing Boards, North Sails Riggs and North Kiteboarding Kite. More than 100 brand new Windsurfing Boards as well as over 60 actual North Kites are waiting for you.

Besides our rental program, we offer an extensive daily tuition program for all levels and all four sports. Our international team of instructors speaks Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Dutch, is professionally trained and certified. With our two centers and infrastructure located right on the beach you won't loose any time in transfers from town, the lesson will start and finish on the beach so you will be able to learn much more and faster. 

More information regarding Club Mistral Internation you find at or on our local website,

For any personal request or questions you might have, please contact us any time!

We´re looking forward to welcome you at Valdevaqueros!