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Discover Surfers Paradise in Southern Europe and now rent kiting in Tarifa

Tarifa is on the southernmost point of Europe. It is not without reason that the city on the Costa de la Luz is considered the capital of kitesurfing. Because there is always wind in Tarifa and this is the basis for windsurfing and, of course, the kiting. Here you will learn more about surfer's paradise, which is known far beyond the borders of Europe among surfers around the world, and discover a good  school that meets your personal requirements and where you can rent a kite.


The location of Tarifa

Why book a board in Tarifa or book a windsurf class? Andalusia is a beautiful spot in Spain. From the southern European tip it is only 14 kilometers to Africa. Directly from the Sahara comes with the Levante a warm wind over, which offers with wind strengths of up to 20-30 knots / s the ideal conditions for a carefree ride. Just a little bit cooler is the Ponente, which comes from the Atlantic and supports your kitesurfing with wind forces of about 12-18 knots. The wind safety is the reason why many surfing enthusiasts want to spend their holidays here and also the demand for a kite school in Tarifa or the windsurfing rental  is very high. The wind of Tarifa is the heart of this surfing mecca and why kite learning in Tarifa is particularly easy and equipment rental in Tarifa is so useful.

There are many people who want to get  lessons. But not every  school in Tarifa is ideal for everyone. Here it is important to find out in which school you can best learn how to kite, or if you can expand existing knowledge according to your wishes and where you can rent a board if necessary.

Do you need a very special course? Are you looking for for beginners or kitesurf for women? Do you already bring your own kite or would you like to borrow ? Are you an advanced or a professional who wants to learn a few more tricks? Or maybe you are looking for lessons with a trained Iko Kite Instructor? Here you find it easely.

If you know what you personally need for kiting and if you want to rent windsurfing in Tarifa, you can also opt for the right lessons and look for cheap apartments in Tarifa.

Learn kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa and windsurf in Tarifa: Which  lessons to book in which school?

One thing good schools have in common for kitesurf in Tarifa: Qualified instructors pick you up at your level, whether you're kite beginner or advanced instructor. want to visit. Learning kite in Tarifa means that you are offered the best wind conditions. Learning kite  also means that coaches always pay attention to your safety. In addition, a good school does not require a board, but you can borrow a kite there. All kites of the school are checked again and again for their perfect condition, so that you will always borrow a high-quality board.

Here is the list of the oldest kite schools in Tarifa

1) Bulls 

2) Dragon

3) Rebel

4) ION (Mistral)

5) KTS

6) Hot Stick

7) Free your Mind

8) Volare

9) Kite Obsecion

10) OZU

The kite school rating by location and additional services

1.       ION club (Valdevaqueros)

2.       Surf Center by Arte Vida (Los Lances North)

3.       Dos Mares (Los Lances North)

4.       Adrenalin (Valdevaqueros)

5.       Volare (Valdevaqueros)

6.       Go Kite (Los Lances)


All these kite schools are located on Tarifa’s shore. As additional services they have dress room, drink water access, storage, close to the café or restaurant. But the prices for the  hours to get a lesson or to rent equipment is usualy higher than by the most kite schools in Tarifa.


Find cheap hotel in Tarifa and kite-windsurf hire 

Learning kite in Tarifa means that you will also be looking for hotels or apartments   A good  school  will not only lend you an impeccable board and will offer you high-quality lessons, but also help you to find a hotel  cheap for you to play.

Rent or buy a kite ?

Renting a kite and board in Tarifa is possible at many schools. But a good school will also advise you when it comes to kite buying. While it is often enough for kite beginners to rent a board and use Tarifa as an ideal training location for kiting, with advanced knowledge you may also find that the kite-buying rate is also an optimal location.

But transfer costs could make the price of the surf equipment (especialy windsurf) extremly high. That is why it is easer to rent the right size and choose a proper bar at the place.

Learning kite in Tarifa is as easy as kite-renting in Tarifa or buying a board. Best start today with the planning for a great kite holiday!

Magic Tarifa

If you are lucky enough to visit Tarifa, you will immediately fall in love with this picturesque little town. Tarifa is the most remote city in Europe, located in the Andalusian province of Cádiz, in southern Spain. Coming to Tarifa for the first time, one almost imagines oneself in the Caribbean or in the Orient. But that's no wonder, because from Tarifa it is no more than a big step to the African continent. Several ferries leave from Tarifa for Tangier, Morocco.

The place is small, but has a lot to offer. But the long, clean, white sandy beach will more than thrill you. But only the breathtaking beach, the chilled atmosphere and the many small bars make Tarifa a popular holiday destination, no, it is also the constantly blowing wind. The wind in Tarifa makes the small town the most popular hot spot for kite surfers in Europe. From all over the world, the "locos por el viento", the "wind mad", travel to Tarifa and travel to and around Cape Trafalgar.

You can here distinguish between two wind directions. These two wind directions are reinforced by the Strait of Gibaltrar and are extremely important for kite, windsurfers and surfers.

Once there is the so-called Levant, the usually coming from the Sahara, warm east wind, which often carries a lot of sand with it. The east wind is initially not very strong, but comes very gusty. Levante is the "street sweeper" Tarifas, because he blows the streets in the small town with strong gusts clean. The easterly wind usually lasts for 24 hours before it weakens and the Poniente - the cool and much weaker west wind - sets in.

These two wind types are the most common wind types on Tarifa and most important for you, if you want to spend a great kite holiday.

During the east wind, you will find the best conditions for kite-, windsurfing and surfing on the city beach and Playa Chica.

Tarifa is suitable for everyone, whether beginners, kitesurfers, windsurfers or surfers. The best wind, because you can get for all sports, is the Poniente, the west wind. He comes diagonally onshore and also brings waves in his luggage.

In Tarifa you can find standing areas, shallow water and waves, so everything you need for a great kite or surfing holiday.

The most popular spots for kiting and surfing

Playa Chica

Playa Chica is near the port. If you come by car, you can park pretty well next to the road. In winter, surfing and kiting are allowed here. Only in the summer months, when the bathers take over the beach, it is strictly forbidden. The port entrance must always be kept free. Beware of west wind: at Poniente there is a risk of abortion.

Town ​​beach

The same applies to the town beach, this is reserved in the summer months exclusively for the bathers. In winter, kiting and surfing is allowed. Kiten should be here only at Poniente, so in Westwind.

Campo de Futbol

As the name implies, this section is not far from the stadium. Here kiters will find ideal shallow water and standing depth. However, you have to pay attention to bathers and the wind. In winter, the south wind here almost storm strength and it builds up here neat waves.

Waves bar

To the left of the runway you will find a kite school area, so you will find the most kiters here. Surfers usually prefer the section below Dos Mares.

Dos Mares

One of the surfers' favorite spots. Here you will also find the Neil Pryde Surfcenter. Since the beach at this section falls off shallow, the waves run much better here.

Tarifa consists mainly of fine sandy beach. Stony places you will find here only a few. The three most popular main spots for windsurfing and kiting are the Hotel Hurricane, Los Lances Beach and Valdevaqueros Beach. Here you can expect good shallow water areas. Depending on the season and the wind direction, waves can rise up to three meters at Valdevaqueros Beach. Beginners should be a little careful here.

The hot spots for kitesurfing and windsurfing in Tarifa are ideal for freeride, race, speed, freestyle and jumps. By the way, good windsurfing lessons are offered at Valdevaqueros Beach.

If you are a beginner or you would like to learn to kite or wind surf, you will find a variety of suitable schools in Tarifa along the beach.

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Nowhere in the world do you find so many kite schools, windsurfing or surfing schools like in and around Tarifa, the Mecca of surfers in Southern Europe. However, this has its disadvantages. Schools are forced to fight for every customer, sometimes with underground prices. Unfortunately, lowest prices doesn't mean best quality.