Terms & Rules of renting kite- windsurf equipment

The offices of surf-tarifa.com are situated at the address: Swakopmunder Str. 26, 13351 Berlin, Germany, the registration number of our company is 23/300/00353. These terms together with the terms of use of our website, both privacy policy and safety, represent our agreement with you - the renter, on the services which we provide, acting as the company on renting of the equipment for all types of surfing and the intermediary in renting of the school and the trainer of any kind of surfing. All these terms together are called our terms. These terms cover all contracts on providing of our services except for all other terms. Surf-tarifa.com will consider their non-compliance as the acceptance of any other terms. Acceptance of the services or signing of any contract will be reckoned as the proof on your consent with these terms, from time to time surf-tarifa.com can make changes into the terms, and you, the renter, are recommended to check the website in order to review any changes in the terms which have direct relationship to you. When we provide to you, the renter, the equipment for surfing or the lessons, we act as a provider of the surfing school. We obtain the lessons and the equipment from various schools with which we cooperate. Any vehicle rented by you in our company, is regulated by the renting terms entered by our local suppliers and corresponds to the country and/or the state laws in which renting and classes are carried out. Individual restrictions can be also imposed particularly on your lessons and depending on your physical fitness.

These terms cover any booking which you, the renter, carried with us or by means of this website ; therefore, you should be convinced that you are acquainted with their contents. Our terms and the terms of our local providers contain some exceptions and responsibility restrictions.

Your booking through this website obliges you, the renter, to accept our terms. If you, the renter, do not agree with any part of our terms, you should not start booking. You, the renter, specify that you have read, understood and accepted the corresponding terms, confirming it with that you wish to book the equipment or to obtain the lessons through this website. If you, the renter, do not absolutely understand any part of the terms, or you have any questions concerning the equipment renting or the course booking, please, look the section FAQs with the most frequent asked questions you can send us the letter to the address .Surf-tarifa, Swakopmunderstr 26 13351 Berlin. Some circumstances can appear, at which we do not know whether our suppliers have a certain set of equipment or the course corresponding to your request. It will be distinctly specified to or after you, the renter, sent the request. In such cases, your request is sent on request to the school. It means that though we cannot give at once to you, the renter, the confirmation that your vehicle is available, we will do everything possible to provide you the car and we will inform you about the results within 48 hours from the moment of your request. 

In other cases (if the equipment or the course is not sent on the request) the ordered set of the equipment or the course is available. When you, the renter, are offered the equipment or the course or other service on this website on the specified tariffs, your order will be processed within 48 hours from the moment of booking (or 1 day before the arrival, if receiving is earlier). We will inform you, the renter, that your booking is accepted, sending the confirmation of your booking by e-mail. Please, pay attention that you, the renter, have no contract for renting of the equipment or the course on the offered tariffs until your booking is confirmed and paid. If you have any questions, please, contact us. Please, pay attention that any contract will be signed with an individual who makes booking, and all correspondence will be sent to the specified address even if the actual payment for renting is carried out by the third party. In order to avoid misunderstanding, under our terms nothing indicates on the providing of any rights or benefits to the third party, according to the Law on Contracts (The rights of the third parties) of 1999.

The voucher about the booking confirmation should be provided to our local suppliers and to the schools when receiving the equipment or the course by you, surf-tarifa.com does not bear the responsibility in case of refusal in renting, because of absence of the voucher.

Surf-tarifa.com does not bear the responsibility for any expenses suffered as a result of signing and acceptance of the documents at the local level at receiving back of the equipment or the course.

Surf-tarifa.com does not bear the responsibility for your appealing to the school or the renting company under the influence of alcohol/drugs, deliberate damage causing, training without due care and attention. You, the renter, assume all responsibility in case of such claims. This list is not full.

What is included in the cost of renting of the equipment or the course?

Please refer to the specific/concrete renting terms applicable to your situation.

Generally, the tariffs include unlimited possession of the equipment within the renting term.

# Some exceptions can be applied, please, contact the booking center.


You as a renter should have sports accident insurance. Any kind of surfing is sports with the increased risk for health. You should be aware of it and agree with it.

For injuries or death happened because of the trainer or the incorrectly chosen equipment the responsibility is born by the organization which has given you the equipment and appointed the trainer for you. All organizations having the contract with us as with the agency have an additional insurance on this case.

When receiving the lessons at any school, you obtain an additional insurance automatically which is obligatory for all schools but it can cover not all expenses which can arise in case of injuries or death. We recommend you to ask in detail the questions concerning the insurance which are interesting for you right at the school or the renting organization.

Insurance of the rented equipment from damage or loss is optional. You can choose - to insure it or not. The insurance of the rented equipment costs 10 EUR per day. You can insure the equipment at the local level. 

At loss of the not insured rented equipment the school has the right to demand full compensation of the cost of the equipment.

At damage of the not insured rented equipment the school has the right to demand partial compensation of the cost of the equipment.

What is not included into the renting cost?

Sports accident insurance, specially requested goods, insurance deposit (if it is specified on surf-tarifa.com voucher), is necessary. All expenses are paid at the local level. In some places, additional insurance for option) can be offered for decrease of the renter's responsibility. Additional insurance can be obligatory for the equipment.

* Accident insurance 

This additional insurance can be included into your insurance package for the period of holiday (holiday insurance).  Please, check it!

Minimum / maximum age limit.

In the majority of the schools the minimum age for renting of the equipment or training is considered to be 12 years. When booking, the correct age of the driver should be specified in order that we could inform you about age limit. There is no maximum age. But only the renter bears all risks connected with health risks. 

Renting period / day tariff calculation. 

The renting period is calculated according to the working schedule of the school. At each school it can differ. The rented equipment should be returned to the owner until the end of the working hours of the expiration date of the equipment renting. 

Returning beforehand / renting extension.

Duration of your renting begins and comes to an end according to the date and the time specified in your voucher. The cost of your renting will be confirmed at the time of booking and calculated according to the working hours of the school. If you, the renter, wish to prolong renting after receiving the equipment or if you returned the equipment or completed the course after the specified time in your voucher, you should solve these problems with the local renting company and payment will be made according to the local prices which can be higher than ours. Unfortunately, surf-tarifa.com cannot return the difference for returning of the equipment or the course termination beforehand.

If you, the renter, wish to make changes into your booking.

Changes into booking, after confirmation/payment, but prior to the renting, can be introduced free of charge. Booking which is paid previously in full, can be cancelled free of charge within 48 hours prior to the renting When booking the deposit is placed (Deposit Booking), and then booking is cancelled more than 48 hours prior to the renting, the penalty for cancellation of booking will be equated to the amount of the placed deposit. 

All bookings, cancelled within 48 hours prior to the renting, will be a subject for payment of the penalty at the rate of one-day renting or the deposit amount, depending on that what is more. It also belongs to the cases of absence of the client and inability of the client to receive the equipment because of a lack of any documents. To cancel booking, please, call our center by phone __________________, or write to us by e-mail: info@surf-tarifa.com, having your own data and the booking number.

If we make changes into your booking.

Sometimes, we need to make changes into your booking (after its acceptance), and we reserve the right to make it. In all cases we will inform you, the renter, about it in reasonable terms prior to the renting.


Your voucher will be, as a rule, sent within 48 hours from the moment of obtaining your booking by us, and will contain all details of your arrival: for example, arrival time, or local address and phone number. Pay attention: some equipment available by request, can take more time for confirmation. In that case, we will inform you, the renter, about it. Surf-tarifa.com cannot be responsible if renting is paid at the local level, or in case of refusal in renting because of absence of the renting voucher. Make sure that you have your passport and an IKO card. Please, consult at our booking center, what additional document can be necessary to you, the renter. 

IKO card.

At renting of kite equipment, the IKO card can be the document confirming your level of the equipment proficiency. The school or the renting company has the right to check your level of proficiency in kite board and sail.

In the absence of the document confirming your ability to control the equipment, the renting company or the school can offer you to be tested on controlling the board under supervision of the trainer. The test is undergone for one hour. You should pay for one hour of the lesson with the trainer according to the school prices. 

For renting of the surf, the windsurf and the paddle surf equipment the IKO card is required.

Equipment insurance.

At the equipment renting you have be aware that you are responsible for the obtained equipment. In case of loss you should compensate the full cost of the equipment. 

You can insure the rented equipment in case of considerable damage or loss. This insurance is optional. The cost and the insurance terms you can specify at the renting organization or at the school.

Minor damages: splits, fabrics cuts, cylinder explosion does not entail any bad consequences for you. You will not be put the claims for such damage to the equipment even without insurance.

Deposit for renting.

The equipment for renting is given under deposit in the amount which is established by the school or the renting organization, by the passport or the driving license. 


If you, the renter or the trainee, are not satisfied in someway with your equipment or the trainer, please, inform about it to the local renting company or the school. Surf-tarifa.com considers difficult to process any complaint concerning your equipment. If you, the renter, are not satisfied with the school or the renting organization in someway, please, contact our center within 3 months after the end of your renting.

Mechanical troubles. 

In case of any mechanical trouble of the equipment, you, the renter, should immediately inform about it to the local representative of the renting company. 

Surf-tarifa.com acts as an agent. Your renting of any equipment at our company is regulated by the equipment renting terms which correspond to the terms of our suppliers and the country and/or the state laws in which the renting is carried out. Therefore, you, the renter, will be the subject of our terms and the terms of our suppliers. Surf-tarifa.com does not bear the responsibility for losses, damage, changes or delays which appeared as a result of civil conflicts, industrial disputes, including disputes in air traffic management, acts of terrorism, natural disasters and nuclear catastrophes, fire or unfavorable weather conditions. 

The general information and terms are considered to be checked at the time of printing.

Terms of your contract with surf-tarifa.com.

If you, the renter, have decided to book the course or the equipment, it is important that you understand how and when the contract is formed. The contract is formed when:

We inform our tariffs by phone or we place the services on our website, offering you, the renter or the trainee to get them. You, the renter, can get them only by phone or on the website, pressing the button "To book now".

After you, the renter, called us or pressed the button "To Book", the process of acquisition of our services by you will be complete, only after surf-tarifa.com receives full payment and sends you the voucher about the booking confirmation. After that, between you, the renter, and surf-tarifa.com the contract on providing of our services, according to the terms of the contract, is concluded. Surf-tarifa.com bears the responsibility for the damages which you, the renter, bear as a result of violation of surf-tarifa.com of this contract in case if the losses are the consequence of non-compliance of surf-tarifas.com of the terms of the contract. The losses can be foreseen in case if they are considered by you and surf-tarifa.com during formation of our contract.

Surf-tarifa.com does not bear the responsibility for indirect losses which occurred as a side effect of the main loss or damage and which were not foreseen by you, the renter, and surf-tarifa.com. Surf-tarifa.com also does not bear the responsibility on profit losses without restrictions or possibility, for losses of intangible assets or collateral damage, damages or expenses.

Surf-tarifa.com has the right to cancel the order under certain circumstances, such as insolvency of the local renting company (the school) to provide the required equipment or training. In all circumstances surf-tarifa.com will make reasonable efforts to find alternative option of the course or the equipment, but during the periods of the increased demand it can be impossible.

If the client completely paid the reservation and surf-trifa.com will notify the client 48 hours prior to receiving of the equipment, the cost of renting or the training course will be completely compensated to the client.

In those exceptional cases when surf-tarifa.com notifies the customer on refusal less than 48 hours before receiving of the equipment or the course, surf-tarifa.com will provide full return of all paid money and will compensate other losses suffered by the client in connection with the non-compliance with the agreement from the part of surf-tarifa.com.

If the client places the initial deposit when booking and surf-tarifa.com notifies the customer 7 days before the receiving of the services, the client will receive the return of all paid money. If surf-tarifa.com notifies the customer on refusal less than 7 days before the receiving of the services, then surf-tarifa.com will provide full return of all paid money and compensate other losses suffered by the client in connection with the non-compliance with the agreement from the part of surf-tarifa.com.

Surf-tarifa.com is not responsible for non-execution or delay in implementation of its obligations concerning the order, the voucher, the booking, the renting or the terms of the contract in case if their performance is hindered, disturbed or delayed by force majeur circumstances which mean any circumstances out of reasonable control of the participant about which we speak about. In case of force majeur circumstances which take place more than 14 days non-stop, surf-trifa.com has the right to transfer and cancel the booking, the order or the rent, informing you, the renter, 14 days prior sending a message to your address.

Please, check the use terms of the website for observance of protection of consumer rights (Distance Selling) according to the Law of 2000. Pay attention that only the part of the rules covers the rendering of the equipment renting services and the payment of the courses.

You, the renter, should be convinced completely and exempt surf-tarifa.com from the losses, the expenses (including legal) and the damages suffered surf-tarifa.com as a result of your violation of our terms.

Surf-tarifa.com does not provide any guarantees or obligations, besides those which are specified in our terms. 

These terms are regulated by the Laws of Germany, the courts of which should possess the exclusive jurisdiction.