Guidance for filling in

To become our partner you shall do the following

Send your application by the e-mail address:

In the application you are to state the following information:

  • Name of the School
  • E-mail
  • Your name and surname;
  • Your telephone number;
  • Your address and website;
  • Your license duplicate or another document that lets you function as an official school is to be attached to the letter, as well as student insurance.

After your first application processing your username and password will be sent to you

You can input them at the following link:

When you input your username and password, you get into your school’s control panel and get into the section School Info. 

You can fill in the school information in 4 languages (English, German, Spanish and Russian). The information that user can see will be appropriately in that language. The more languages there are, the more users will get to know about you. 

  • Name — Enter the school name;
  • Short description — Enter a short description of the school;
  • Description — In the item you can describe all the aspects of your activities as broadly and impressively as possible;
  • File — Photo with the logo of your school;
  • Year of creation — In the item you are to specify the year of the school’s establishment;
  • Location — Your emplacement;
  • Owner — Full name of the registered school owner;
  • Phone — Specify the telephone number for users to contact you;
  • Email — The e-mail address for users to contact you;
  • Account — In the item you are to specify the account details for us to transfer money to you;
  • Beaches — Click check box on the beaches where you instruct:
    • Valdevaqueros;
    • Los Lances;
    • Estepona;
    • Canios de Meca;
    • El Palmar.
  • Work From — The day when the school is open (you can reinput this section every year);
  • Work To — The day when the school is closed (you can reinput this section every year);
  • Then you check the box of the type of surfing you instruct:
    • Surf;
    • Wind surf;
    • Kite surf.
  • Lesson prices — You enter the lesson price in terms of Euro:
  • Price for 3 hours lesson, price for 6 hours lesson…
  • Hours — You check the box of the courses you have (3h, 6h, …);
  • Then you choose the courses you can instruct:
    • Private — 1 Person;
    • Group — 2 people;
    • Group — from 2 people.
  • Instructors — In the item you state the number of instructors that are on the staff. This item is important for the search engine.
  • Rent — If you rent out the equipment check this item;
  • Rent price per day — In the item you fill in the equipment rent price according to the number of days. For example the surfing board rent price for one day is 20 Euros, input 20. The surfing board rent price for 2 days is 35 Euros, input 32 into the column of 2 days respectively.

You fill in such tables for each surfing type that you instruct.
Click Save. It is obligatory!

THEN YOU GET INTO the field Manage Courses
You have got into the field. On the right side you have – Create a course. Click it.
Then one more table is downloaded. It is obligatory for filling in. When it is not the user will not see your school in the search field.
School *
The school name

Type *Surf -Wind surf -Kite surf- Paddle Surf
Choose the course type for filling in. When you instruct all the surfing types you are to fill in all the tables one by one for each surfing type

In the item you fill in the languages in which you can instruct the specific course.

Lesson Type
Choose the course type you can instruct

  • Private — 1 Person
  • Group — 2 people
  • Group — from 2 people

Min Age *
In the item fill in the minimum age of a student

Max Age *
In the item fill in the maximum age of a student

In the item choose the gender of students
* Male

Duration *
In the item check the box of the course type according to the number of hours you can instruct

  • 3
  • 6
  • 9
  • 12
  • 15

In the item you choose the level you can instruct
Intermediate and Sport – only private lessons. The system limits it automatically

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Sport

Then you read our rules and contract
Check the box Agree
Save the form and go forward! – to the collaboration!